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By: Steven M. Smith, PharmD, MPH, BCPS

  • Assistant Professor of Pharmacy and Medicine, Departments of Pharmacotherapy & Translational Research and Community Health & Family Medicine, Colleges of Pharmacy and Medicine, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida


Core examinaton and equipment needs to medications ending in pril 8 mg zofran for sale diagnose and monitor glaucoma patents are listed in Table 2 treatment bacterial vaginosis cheap zofran 8 mg with amex. An aferent the anterior segment should be examined defect may signal asymmetric moderate to treatment hypercalcemia generic 8mg zofran visa in the undilated state and afer dilaton (if advanced glaucoma. Look for anterior chamber shallowing and peripheral depth, Lids/Sclera/ Conjunctva pseudoexfoliaton, pigment dispersion, Evidence of infammaton, redness, ocular infammaton and neovascularizaton, or surface disease, or local pathology may other causes of glaucoma. The locaton and extent, and whether it is due to appositonal or synechial closure, should be determined by indentaton gonioscopy. The presence of infammaton, pseudoexfoliaton, neovascularizaton, and other pathology should be noted. Open angle on gonioscopy Iris the iris should be examined for mobility and irregularity, the presence of anterior and posterior synechiae, and pseudoexfoliaton at the pupil margin. Forward bowing, peripheral angle crowding, and iris inserton should be noted in additon to the presence of infammaton, neovascularizaton, and other pathology. The visual feld is a measure of visual functon that is not captured by the visual acuity test. Monitoring the visual feld is important to determine disease instability as seen below. Progressive vision loss over tme Internatonal Council of Ophthalmology | Guidelines for Glaucoma Eye Care | Page 9 Approach to Open Angle Glaucoma Care A diagnosis of open angle glaucoma requires medical and possible surgical interventon to prevent vision loss and to preserve quality of life. Patents should be informed of the need to alert frst degree relatves for the need of a glaucoma examinaton. The fnancial, physical, social, emotonal, and occupatonal burdens of glaucoma treatment optons should be carefully considered for each patent. Recommendatons, risks, optons, and consequences of no treatment, should be discussed with all patents in language that is understandable to the patent or caregiver. A simplifed approach to initatng care in glaucoma patents is summarized below in Table 3. Partcular atenton should be given to compliance with treatments and the capacity of the patent to obtain and use medicaton. If a patent cannot aford the cost of drugs, inital laser trabeculoplasty would be favored wherever equipment and expertse are available. Internatonal Council of Ophthalmology | Guidelines for Glaucoma Eye Care | Page 10 Table 4 Medicines for Glaucoma Care: Internatonal Recommendatons Essental Medicines Optonal Medicines Eye Drops (Low Resource Setngs) (Intermediate / High Resource Setngs) Anesthetc Tetracaine 0. Follow-up examinatons are similar to the inital assessment and should include history and clinical evaluaton. Surgical optons may be favored earlier, wherever equipment and expertse are available. Internatonal Council of Ophthalmology | Guidelines for Glaucoma Eye Care | Page 14 Approach to Closed Angle Glaucoma Care A diagnosis of closed angle glaucoma requires medical and surgical interventon to prevent vision loss. If expertse and resources to manage glaucoma are insufcient, referral is indicated. Once a diagnosis of closed angle glaucoma is made, patents should be educated regarding the nature of the disease and required treatment to help prevent vision loss. The cause of angle closure will determine the clinical care pathway, and as pupil block is the most common cause, laser iridotomy is recommended as the frst line treatment for all patents. A simplifed approach to initatng care in closed angle glaucoma patents is summarized below.


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The the number of crashes or near-miss incidents after a nonextended shift symptoms 3 dpo 8 mg zofran with amex, the problem is that regulations simply stipulate the number of hours number ofextended shiftsthat did not precedeacrashora near-miss incident medicine river trusted 4mg zofran, and that can be worked symptoms 2015 flu cheap zofran 8mg without prescription, on the assumption that people will be less the number of nonextended shifts that did not precede a crash or a near-miss incident. Copyright & 2005 Massachusetts It means that most work rules do not re ect the biology of Medical Society. That encompasses a number schedule schedule of issues: Is there adequate supervision of residents by senior phys-. Are there training standards as to how pro cient a resident Serious medical errors made by interns needs to be over time Is there errors exibility in scheduling so that the training needs of specialties Types of serious medical can be met That includes when to sleep, to recommend ways to improve safety during training, while at the when to take naps, how to use caffeine, and how to identify who is same time ensuring that training was adequate to ensure long-term more vulnerable to the effects of sleep deprivation. The trick is that in addition to mitigating the effects of tiredness, After looking at all the data, the committee concluded that doctors have to learn to get sleep when they are off duty. The problem was that residents were not ing, outside of the main training job, should not be permitted. References In such a heavily politicized topic, it can lead to bad decisions if 1. Resident Duty Hours: Enhancing Sleep, Supervision, and people make guesses about what should be done based on their Safety. Tribute to Helmut Drexler As a cardiologist with the good fortune to have been trained by him, the sudden and unexpected death of Helmut has deeply shocked me. I met Helmut Drexler, when he was appointed chairman of the Cardiology Department at Hannover Medical School. I worked there for many years with him as a clinician and he taught me cardiac catheterizations and interventions. He was a wonderful teacher, and as with everything he did, he was most structured, and had strong and profound arguments for every decision he took in the cath lab. I think many of our present studies show how right he was, and how, many of us were easily ready to believe and take things for granted, for which there was no rm evidence. Also I was very fortunate and grateful for having had the opportunity to work closely with him in cardiovascular research. With several seminal works in vascular biology, he laid the foundation for fruitful and exciting projects in this eld for many of us. I think his favourite composer was Ludwig van Beethoven, of whom he had a large picture by Andy Warhol above his desk in his beautiful of ce.

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Comprehensive lifestyle changes may be able to treatment yeast diaper rash cheap zofran 4mg line bring about regression of even severe coronary atherosclerosis after only 1 year medications known to cause pill-induced esophagitis zofran 8 mg cheap, without use of lipid-lowering drugs treatment ingrown toenail buy zofran 8 mg low price. In the experimental group, the average percent diameter stenosis at baseline decreased 1. In contrast, the average percent diameter stenosis in the control group increased by 2. More than twice as many cardiac events occurred in the control group (risk ratio for any event for the control group, 2. In contrast, in the control group, coronary atherosclerosis continued to progress and more than twice as many cardiac events occurred. The Effectiveness and Efficacy of an Intensive Cardiac Rehabilitation Program in 24 Sites Silberman, A, Banthia, R, Estay I, Kemp, C, Studley, J, Hareras, D, Ornish, D American Journal of Health Promotion. The purpose of this study is to test the efficacy and effectives of an intensive cardiac rehabilitation program in improving health outcomes in multiple sites. This study employs a non-experimental design in investigate changed in cardiovascular disease in 2,974 men and women from 24 socioeconomically diverse sites who participated in an intensive cardiac rehabilitation program at baseline, 12 weeks and 1 year and values after each time point. Conclusion, this intensive cardiac rehabilitation program was feasible and sustainable for most patients who enrolled and was associated with the numerous subjective and objective improvements in health outcomes. It demonstrates that the intervention works when it is administered by staff at multiple clinical/community sites in four different states. Lifestyle Changes are Related to Reductions in Depression in Persons With Elevated Coronary Risk Factors Pischke, C, Frenda, S, Ornish, D, Weidner. Analyses were based on data from 310 men and 687 women enrolled in the high-risk arm of the Multisite Cardiac Lifestyle Intervention Program, targeting diet (10% fat), exercise (3 h per week) and stress management (7 h per week). As expected, at study entry, depressed persons had a more adverse medical status, consumed more dietary fat and practiced less stress management than non-depressed persons. Socioeconomic Status and Improvements in Lifestyle, Coronary Risk Factors, and Quality of Life: the Multisite Cardiac Lifestyle Intervention Program Govil, S, Weidner, G, Merritt-Worden, T, Ornish, D. Long-Term Effects of Lifestyle Changes on Well-Being and 9 Cardiac Variables Among Coronary Heart Disease Patients Pischke, C, Scherwitz, L, Weinder, G, Ornish, D. The authors compared psychological distress, anger, hostility and perceived social support by group (intervention group, n=28; control group, n=20) and time (baseline, 1 year, 5 years) and examined the relationships of lifestyle changes to cardiac variables. Reductions in psychological distress and hostility in the experimental group (compared with controls) were observed after 1 year (p<0. By 5 years, improvements in diet were related to weight reduction and decreases in percent diameter stenosis, and improvements in stress management were related to decreases in percent diameter stenosis at both followups (all p<0. These findings illustrate the importance of targeting multiple health behaviors in secondary prevention of coronary heart disease. Angina Pectoris and Atherosclerotic Risk Factors in the Multisite Cardiac Lifestyle Intervention Program Frattaroli, J, Weidner, G, Merritt-Worden, T, Frenda, S, Ornish, D. Cardiovascular symptom relief is a major indicator for revascularization procedures. Patients with coronary artery disease (nonsmokers; 757 men, 395 women; mean age 61 years) were asked to make changes in diet (10% calories from fat, plant based), engage in moderate exercise (3 hours/week), and practice stress management (1 hour/day). At baseline, 108 patients (43% women) reported mild angina and 174 patients (37% women) reported limiting angina. By 12 weeks, 74% of these patients were angina free, and an additional 9% moved from limiting to mild angina. This improvement in angina was significant for patients with mild and limiting angina at baseline regardless of gender (p <0. Significant improvements in cardiac risk factors, quality of life, and lifestyle behaviors were observed, and 1 0 patients with angina who became angina free by 12 weeks showed the greatest improvements in exercise capacity, depression, and health-related quality of life (p <0. In conclusion, the observed improvements in angina in patients making intensive lifestyle changes could drastically reduce their need for revascularization procedures. Mel Lefer, participant the Contribution of Changes in Diet, Exercise, and Stress Management to Changes in Coronary Risk in Women and Men in the Multisite Cardiac Lifestyle Intervention Program Daubenmier, J, Weidner, G, Sumner, M, Mendell, N, Merritt-Worden, T, Studley, J, Ornish, D.

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The session will involve repeated walk-throughs of the various protocols with the resident in a strictly cognitive setting 4 medications list at walmart order zofran 4 mg otc. Goals To understand the etiology and management strategies for common causes of sudden deterioration in cardiac function medications before surgery purchase zofran 8 mg otc, and to medicine numbers discount zofran 8 mg systematically support the patient while addressing most frequent etiologies. The resident will be able to initiate and carry out emergency reinstitution of cardiopulmonary bypass in Session 1 and communicate the situation to the team effectively (cognitive only). The resident will be able to develop new protocols for common adverse intraoperative events. Carefully elucidate and rehearse clinical diagnostic criteria followed by comprehensive checklists and action plans for each scenario. Rather, conference room setting dry runs and refinement of previously established and newly developed protocols should predominate the session with multidisciplinary participation and input with resident leadership. Conduct of the Training the resident and team should walk through the action plan for each of the scenarios identified until the actions become automatic. Appropriate responses from each member of the team should be elicited for each resident action when appropriate. The resident will have an opportunity to perform corrective measures on grafts related to graft length and orientation, as well as discuss strategies to address other common problems with coronary circulation in the operating room. Will be able to recognize issues with graft length and orientation on a static model. Teaching Plan Equipment Required For each resident: CryoVein (CryoLife, Inc) All usual and customary instruments, supplies, and equipment for cardiopulmonary bypass specific to your institution Ramphal Cardiac Surgery Simulator 6-0 and 7-0 or smaller polypropylene sutures Castroviejo needle driver Gerald forceps 109 Metzenbaum scissors Hemostats Beaver or #15 blades Arteriotomy scissors Suture scissors Graft = CryoVein Video camera and storage media Resident loops Infusion needle and syringe with saline Simulators and Set-up the Ramphal Cardiac Surgery Simulator is preferably used for this session. The procedure should mimic as closely as possible a Coronary Bypass operation at your institution except that conduit will be supplied rather than harvested. The instructor sets up 3 anastomoses per resident (twisted, too long, too short) for correction. Conduct of Simulation Session Perform 3 distal anastomoses on porcine heart using CryoVein. Cognitive tasks will include review of abnormal physiology correlated with intra-operative echocardiograms. On a perfused porcine heart, the resident will perform a routine aortic valve replacement with both a mechanical and bioprosthetic valve, then be presented with various scenarios and correct them. Teaching Plan Equipment Required For each resident: 1 porcine hearts with wet lab container Valve sizers for mechanical and pericardial valves 4 sets of valve sutures 112 Set of suture holders Needle driver Metzenbaum scissors 2 DeBakey forceps 1 mechanical aortic valve 1 tissue aortic valve #15 blade 8 Hemostats Suture scissors Video camera and storage media Simulator and Set-up Pig heart set in pericardial well or in cardboard holder. Prior to aortic closure, the instructor breaks a pledgeted stitch and the resident must retrieve the pledget. This will allow the simulation technologist to insert air into the arterial line and into the aortic root line to simulate air coming back from the head during retrograde perfusion should this scenario be chosen. Over the course 2 sessions with 2 residents each, a total of 4 scenarios will be conducted from the following list. Root set-up 1 2 3 4 5 Inadequate exposure of valve Valve is exposed but not optimally Valve and annulus completely exposed Exposure optimal for valve excision Annulus not completely exposed and replacement Additional Comments: 2. Valve excision 1 2 3 4 5 Leaves leaflet tissue in place Partially excises leaflets Completely excises valve preserving annulus and deeper structure Excises too deep damaging annulus Additional Comments: 3. Suture placement 1 2 3 4 5 Unacceptably deep or shallow Mostly regular entry/exit Correct placement Hesitant, multiple tries Mostly single tries at correct No hesitation Incorrect spacing placement Additional Comments: 5. Suture management 1 2 3 4 5 Sutures unorganized Less than half of sutures correctly All sutures organized, secured and mixed up organized and secured Additional Comments: 6. Valve suturing 1 2 3 4 5 Sutures placed at wrong More than 50% of sutures Sutures placed correctly into annulus depth in annulus placed incorrectly Annulus suturing organized and flows Sutures very unevenly placed without hesitation around annulus Valve correctly oriented Annulus suturing completely disorganized Additional Comments: 117 7. Valve seating and tying 1 2 3 4 5 Valve incorrectly oriented Valve seats but with difficulty Valve correctly oriented Valve will not slide down sutures 90% of sutures pulled up and Valve slides down sutures, seats easily Valve does not seat tied correctly Valve movement correctly checked Sutures not pulled up/ Pledgets loose Sutures not tied efficiently Valve movement not checked 8. Lost pledget management 1 2 3 4 5 Unable to find Pledget Found with moderate difficulty Found easily Injured Valve Heavy valve manipulation No injury or valve manipulation Did not recognize need to remove valve Removed valve without hesitation Annular disruption 9. Air-knot management 1 2 3 4 5 Injured Valve Heavy valve manipulation No injury or valve manipulation Did not recognize need to remove valve Removed valve without hesitation Annular disruption 10.

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